Some Good Word and Common Sense


When God created the Earth and breathed life into Adam and Eve and from that day observed the populating of the planet, I don’t recall Him being quoted in Genesis as saying, “Ooops, I goofed, I didn’t want humans to come in different colors and complexions. Let’s just start over.”

After the Flood, when God showed mercy to Noah and his family and watched the re-populating of the Earth, I don’t recall in Genesis any quote from God saying, “Okay, this time, I just want white humans.”

Throughout the Bible — Old Testament and New Testament and Apocrypha– there are no commands or demands from God telling us to kill people according to the color of their skin. People may do so, but in so doing, they are not respecting God’s creation or God’s plan for us to co-exist in peace and in communion.

Jesus, speaking on the behalf of God, his father, and our father, did not teach us or instruct us or want of us to be racists, bigots, or intolerant of those we perceive to be different from ourselves.  He taught us to love our neighbors– be they black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, Buddhist, Italian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, from Portugal, Syrian, Libyan, Iraqi, or wherever.

There are no scripture passages or theological arguments to support discrimination or hatred of any kind that would contradict or rescind the two greatest commandments of all:  To love our God with all our hearts, minds, and souls and to love our neighbors as much as we would want to be loved ourselves.

If your actions come from a place other than love for ALL others, you are forgetting the fact that God loved you enough to create you and put you here– God loves all his creations.  They wouldn’t be here if he did not.

God loves wondrous variety and has woven in us a rich tapestry of different cultures, different languages, different songs and stories, different expressions of faith, different voices, different dreams, and different life journeys.  The world as he sees it, should be colorful and vibrant and full of nuances.  It would be a pretty bland and boring old planet if it was reduced to just a few opaque colors.

Thankfully, there are enough of us “different” people to fill up the gaps with a rainbow of assorted hues and shades.  We don’t confine ourselves to a simple black or white palette, if you see now what I am getting at.  We can be pink, blue, purple, green, orange, yellow, crimson, or many colors at any given moment.  We each come in all different shapes and sizes and colors and personalities and quirks.  No two humans are completely alike.  We are all unique individuals.  But we can be united in love and compassion– rather than divided by divisions based on distrust, fear, hatred, or disgust.

If you seek hate, you will find it.  If however you seek beauty, love, compassion, and peace, you will find that as well– but may have to work all the more harder to protect it.  It is much easier to hate than it is to forget hate and provide love.










About Rachel Conlin McLeod

Transgender activist, Christian at First Baptist Church in Willimantic, Connecticut. B.A. in History and Social Sciences, B.A. in Sociology Freelance writer, tutor, research assistant Loves hockey, ballet, women's gymnastics, and Bible studies.
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