God Loves in a Variety of Ways

It should be obvious that an infinite God who creates all things known and still unknown to us would love His creations and desire His creations. It should be obvious that our infinite God speaks to us in any way that reaches us. With God, all tongues and languages are known and transcended. We may not understand the message or the messengers but in time we recognize that God speaks to us and communicates with us.

There is nothing God can’t do. God can speak to us through anyone and any thing that pleases Him. Some messages may be specific to individuals, or to specific churches, or nations, or countries, or villages, or towns, or cities. God’s plan may incorporate many messengers and many messages– each one unique to the needs of God and the needs of those who follow Him.

So why then do people assume there is only one way in which God loves us? Why do we then assume there is only one proper and singular way in which we love God in return?

Variety is everywhere. Uniqueness is everywhere. So should love be– unique and varied and everywhere.

God loves us as He provides us with clean air, clean water, food to eat, the fruits of the Holy Spirit, safe homes, good opportunities, our health, our friendships, our loved ones, etc. God provides love in countless ways because we are all a reflection of Him. We are all created in the image of an infinite God where all things are possible. God created us as an infinite variety and because we each are special, He loves us as individuals that are unique. And likewise, each of us has unique gifts, skills, talents, and spirits so when we give back to God, we do so as a reflection of who we are and how God made us.

Let’s embrace who we are and embrace how unique and special we are and recognize that who we are as individuals whether gay, straight, bisexual, or transgender or questioning, is God’s love at work. Loving who we are is loving God for His creation. If God is within us and we are a reflection of God, we must recognize that we are living proof that love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties.




About Rachel Conlin McLeod

Transgender activist, Christian at First Baptist Church in Willimantic, Connecticut. B.A. in History and Social Sciences, B.A. in Sociology Freelance writer, tutor, research assistant Loves hockey, ballet, women's gymnastics, and Bible studies.
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