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Make America Thankful Again

This is not a political rant or an “us” versus “them” debate post. Today while raising money for the Windham Area Interfaith Ministry’s “Walk for Warmth”, raising monies to provide assistance for families and people in need this coming winter … Continue reading

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Inspiration from Hindu Proverb

For some people, their path is paved by the teachings and model of Jesus Christ.  For others, the path is provided by the teachings and model of Mohammed.  Still, others may find a path inspired by the teachings of Ghandi, … Continue reading

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Some Good Word and Common Sense

When God created the Earth and breathed life into Adam and Eve and from that day observed the populating of the planet, I don’t recall Him being quoted in Genesis as saying, “Ooops, I goofed, I didn’t want humans to … Continue reading

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A Few Words About Organized Religion…

“My own belief is that a relationship with God is a private thing; but, in common with John Lennon, I perceive ALL organized religion as dangerous, in its power to force people to do unreasonable things, almost giving them permission … Continue reading

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