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A Better Than Expected Sermon

I came across another inspiring story today. This one features a pastor from another United Methodist Church. It must be difficult to be a female pastor in an institution or faith that generally frowns upon the notion of a woman … Continue reading

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What Does the Bible Say About Transgender People?

A topic that can’t be avoided, matched with the Scripture that can’t be avoided.  Much in the way that folks expressing hatred or discrimination against gays and lesbians quote from Deuteronomy or Leviticus or some passage in Romans, so too it … Continue reading

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More Than Just Male and Female in Classical Judaism — Six Genders!

A good friend of mine passed along an interesting article looking at the Hebrew language, the Torah–the Classical Hebrew Scriptures from which the Old Testament is based, and the subject of gender.  It turns out, at least through Hebrew translations … Continue reading

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