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There is a Movement

  There is a movement in the international community to respond to the crackdown in Egypt and in other countries against LGBT individuals. Governments in Egypt, Russia, and many countries where the ultra-conservative theologically based rhetoric or socially conservative ideology … Continue reading

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Blair Imani Opens Up About Being Queer, Black and Muslim

Teen Vogue Article “Blair Imani Opens Up About Being Queer, Black, and Muslim” I came across this Teen Vogue article that I wanted to share with the LGBT Ministry Community I am slowly but surely trying to build here in … Continue reading

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It’s Pride Month, It’s Ramadan, and It is Still Hard to be an LGBT Muslim

Pride, Ramadan, and the American Muslim Came across this article on Buzzfeed which adds some insights into the Islamic perspective on Pride and LGBT experiences. Just before sunset one Friday this month, a few dozen guests walked downstairs and into a … Continue reading

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Stances of Faith on LGBTQ Issues in Islam

— From the Human Rights Council webpage. Background With over a billion followers, Islam is the second largest religion in the world, and noted for its diversity of culture and ethnicity. Founded by the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon … Continue reading

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What is a Church? What Makes Religion “Real”?

Whether you believe in God or not. Whether you are a skeptic or atheist or person simply questioning what makes religion real, consider this: Whether the stories read in the Bible or Torah or Quran are factual or not, the … Continue reading

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Insights from an LGBT Muslim

I came across a wonderful article about a young Muslim woman who recently identified herself as LGBT. Her story is very inspirational and hopefully, you’ll feel the same way about your own faith experiences and identity. Meet Kendyl Noor Aurora, … Continue reading

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Thoughts for the Day — July 4th, 2016

I caught on the news and on social media news of a series of suicide bombings conducted by ISIS against sites in Jeddah and Medina, Saudi Arabia. These occurred not so long after bombings in Baghdad, Iraq, and Istanbul, Turkey. … Continue reading

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